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Tranzacționare în rusia

The site is on the south-facing shoreline of the peninsula, wedged between the Pacific Ocean and a group of saltwater lakes called the Ankau Saltchucks.

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The site is now densely forested, with little visible evidence of human occupation, beyond a single log wall section seen during a state archaeological survey in The site's subsurface artifacts include a contul forex micro layer, clear evidence of significant fire occurring at the site, and it has long been reported locally as a source of other types of artifacts, including cannonballs and iron scraps.

Archangel Michael by the Russians.

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The Yakutat site was contemplated as a possible site for the capital of Russian America. The settlers continued to be viewed with hostility by the Tlingits, who made occasional attacks on hunting parties.


In the Tranzacționare în rusia launched a major attack on Redoubt St. Archangel Michael, destroying that settlement. Alexander Baranov organized a response to this attack, and used the New Russia site as a launching point for the operation which resulted in the founding of present-day Sitka.

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In the Tlingit attacked the New Russia settlement. It was burned to the ground, and all of its occupants except for a few women and children were slaughtered. The site was never reoccupied.

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Visiting American traders in the s noted that the site's cellar holes had trees 2 feet 0.