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Russell began coaching Masonic Home inand due to the fact that his teams were often over-matched physically by other schools, they were called the "Mighty Mites".

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While there, he deployed the earliest form of a spread offense to great success. That in turn created natural holes in the line and seams in the defensive secondary.

Traducere "spread" în română

Spreading out the defense reduced the need for power blocking by undersized linemen. Under Fletcher's newly created offense, quarterback George Bork led the nation in total offense and passing in and However, few coaches around the country followed events in the NCAA College Division and, therefore, few coaches were aware of Fletcher's offense as run-oriented offenses continued to dominate football at every level of play throughout the s.

The football played at the opțiune de răspândire of the s generally featured hard running, ball control football, accented occasionally on third and long by a pass out of a stationary pocket. You can catch opțiune de răspândire ball, you can throw it incomplete, or have it intercepted.

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Few examples of coaches with successful, innovative passing offenses existed at any level of competition in late In his book, Ellison describes his desperate experiments with the "departure into insanity" Lonesome Polecat sandlot-style formation in a successful attempt to avoid a losing season in The quarterback was encouraged to scramble and to find open receivers.

The investind în active financiare used motion and receivers changing pass routes based on the reactions of defenders.

Traducere "wide spread" în română

opțiune de răspândire The shotgun, based on an old short punt formation that dated back to the World War I era, which Pop Vk bot php then updated as a double wing formation in the s at Stanfordfeatured the quarterback setting up for a long snap seven yards behind the center.

Hickey thought it might help to slow the Colt pass rush and give the 49ers quarterback another second or two to spot his receivers. Opponents soon neutralized the formation when they realized that their defenses could take advantage of the need for the center to focus on the long snap before making his block.

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Linebackers blitzing up the middle collapsed the pocket protecting 49er quarterbacks. By the end of the NFL season, football coaches universally agreed that the shotgun formation was dead and buried, until Jack Neumeier resurrected it as part of the new spread passing offense he synthesized.

Before his lengthy stint with the Chargers, he coached the Los Angeles Rams.

Spread option

An innovator with the use of motion and passing in football offenses, Gillman also revolutionized the use of game films to study opțiune de răspândire teams. Its offensive potential — with four guys up there in receiving positions — is mathematically almost limitless. It causes the defense more trouble than any two-back formation.

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But none of them had developed these ideas when Jack Neumeier began testing his invention in While Gillman's innovations with the passing game inspired many followers, neither Gillman nor his protégés had utilized the ace formation or developed any other offense resembling the spread as the s came to a close. Coryell had developed a national reputation as one of the most prominent innovators of the I formation during the s.

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They made an impression. Building on his experiences in San Diego, Coryell took his offense to new heights while coaching the St. He made further strides with his offensive concepts after the Chargers hired him to return to San Diego in But Don Coryell had just begun experimenting with all of these elements in As noted above, Russell utilized a variation of the spread offense as the coach of the Fort Worth Masonic Home and School for orphans beginning during the s.

Russell's story and the story of his players are encapsulated in the book, "Twelve Mighty Orphans: The Inspiring True Story of the Mighty Mites Who Ruled Texas Football"by sportswriter and author Jim Dent, so it is clear that variations of a spread offense existed for almost 50 years when Jack Opțiune de răspândire experienced his epiphany in late However, it is unlikely that Opțiune de răspândire Neumeier had ever even heard of Rusty Russell or his Mighty Mites as he began designing his new offense in Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding subheadings.

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Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. They culminated in Hillsboro winning the Oregon state championship in His success at Hillsboro in turn led Davis to Portland State the following year, initially as offensive coordinator and later as head coach.

  • Tuttavia, questi tipi di innesti hanno ricevuto una relativamente piccola spread.
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At Portland State, Davis became the most visible acolyte of Ellison's offensive theories. The option reads and pass routes of the Run-and-Shoot allowed the receivers to react to the defense and opțiune de răspândire quarterback to then read the receivers reacting to the defense. The quarterback would throw the football to a predetermined spot based on those predictably programmed reactions. At the same time, Opțiune de răspândire offense neutralized the advantages enjoyed by larger, speedier players in favor of the intelligence and physical agility required for success with the Run-and-Shoot.

Spread offense

Spreading the defense horizontally with formations, and vertically with passing concepts. Isolating defenders in match ups where your guy has the best chance to win.

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It all seems so simple now, but in when everyone and their mother was running the Veer it truly was revolutionary. Other local high school coaches — mostly competitors — saw it, liked it, copied it and began to utilize it.

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Today, there are books written about Neumeier's offense. Coaching workshops introduce coaches to the one-back spread and teach them how to implement it. They also teach coaches how to defend against it.

In the s, there were no coaching clinics, Opțiune de răspândire videos or internet blogs to make the case for the one-back spread offense to high school coaches, much less college or NFL coaches. Most coaches in looked at innovative passing offenses with disdain.

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New football concepts spread slowly through the instinctively conservative ranks of football coaches. While continuing to look for ways to enhance his spread offense, Coach Neumeier never matched the success of his team. His subsequent teams fairly regularly made it to the Los Angeles City playoffs, but Neumeier's teams would win no more championships.