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Article: Stories about people, and especially children and youth, that are abducted by alien beings in UFOs are common around the world, but especially in the western societies.

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These stories are so consistent that one is lead to believe that there is something physically real behind the stories, dragă analisis grafik forex that many details in them are literally true. But are the instances behind this activity really alien beings?

Probably they are not, and here is an alternative explanation suggested: The memories of alien abduction are based on memories from secret medical exams, procedures or experiments performed on children and young people under anesthesia. The instances behind these ordeals can be health authorities, child protective agencies, research institutions or diverse secret services. The ordeals can take place at health centers, at schools, in kindergartens or the locales of child protective agencies.

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The anesthesia itself is not necessarily secret, but when the child is under anesthesia the personal perform things in addition to the exam or procedure officially told about. In other cases the anesthesia may be lured into the child so that the whole ordeal is held secret.

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Anesthesia never works perfectly, and material from the procedures can easily be laid down in the memory even though the patient is unconscious. Medical procedures under anesthesia proceed in a way very similar to the alleged happenings during an alien abduction.

This material can then later become conscious and appear in a somewhat reshaped fashion as an alien abduction.

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Special psychological states, like sleep paralysis during the process of waking up, or sleep walking may trigger the reappearance of these memories and material from these states can blend with the memories to make a complete alien abduction history. If the medical procedures has been hold secret for the child, the alien abduction intrigue will also serve as a logical explanation for these strange memories that otherwise have no explanation.

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Here are listed some details that can contribute to an alien abduction story: - Professionals inside surgical units typically behave exactly like those aliens and also clothings, masks and special eyeglasses can make them look alien-like. These effects together can produce the feeling of being beamed up into an UFO. If the testing imply some sexual stimuli, that can give rise to the sexual content of many alien abduction stories. Here are listed some situations that can lead to such stories: - Sometimes children have a genuine need for some intimate exam.

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In many health institutions such exams are routinely done secretly under anesthesia because the health authorities do not think it is psychologically good for the child itself or the parents to know about the things done. Institutions dealing with child protective cases are also here prominent examples.

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In some communities child protective agencies seem to run such programs to determine the frequency of sexual abuse or maltreatment of children in a population, or to screen children and families that are suspected to be at risk.

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